Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vintage Recipe Journal; A written time capsule

About a week ago my dear friend Lindsay gave me an awesome handwritten recipe journal from (we think) the 1930's. She passed it on, prior to her out of state move, knowing I'd find it intriguing. (Thank You!!)

It is time stained and full of many cake and desert recipes, as well has a goodly amount of newspaper clippings folded up and inserted in between the pages. A brief reading of some of the recipes reveal the ingredients of yesteryear and not much directions. I've also discovered some recipes for food items I'm not familiar with and will have to do further research. (Thank goodness for Joy of Cooking and that failing, the Internet)

I'm looking forward to reading through and testing out many of the cake recipes (and maybe even the one I found for home-made ketchup!)

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  1. I just browsed through one of my mother's cookbooks and found a lot of newspaper clippings and hand written recipes sent to her by others. I'll grab it next time I see it and hold it for you.