Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Introduction; Delayed, naturally

Originally I wanted to chronicle the discovery and implementation of a vintage recipe journal given to my by a friend. I have since realized that I'd like to include all or most of my kitchen adventures, and cookbook perusals.

I was firstly inspired by that wonderful movie, The Julie/Julia Project. I find the idea of chronicling ones cooking adventures with all the wonderful surprises, the successes and the failures, and just having fun with food endearing. Besides it gives me a better excuse to cook, since as a single person, I often find myself making simple and easily to clean up meals. Boring.

More recently I've been inspired by another blog I discovered through the blogs of note feature: One Hungry Chef. The writer of this humorous and thoroughly entertaining blog is a professional chef and writes about what he eats at home. Not only are the post entertaining, he includes gorgeous pictures of the various meals and projects, and includes the recipes for some of the more adventurous readers. I can't even begin to compete with this, but will do my best to have fun with my blog none the less. Even if I'm basically "talking" to myself.

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